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WELCOME to my Kurilean Bobtail cattery in Vilnius, Lithuania. My name is Milda.

I always said I was not that kind of person, who could have pets at home, because of my living style, but one day everything changed in one second, as I saw my first cat.

It was British Shorthair kitty called Gelyte of chocolate colour, who i saw at my friend Ieva‘s place. The kitty was just amazing, and in a moment I decided that this kitty is mine. That’s how everything started.

Later on I became more and more interested in cats and different breeds. This is how I noticed Kurilian Bobtails in one cat show/exhibition. I was in thrall of them. Searching the internet I found a website of RGJ Cat's cattery and there I saw my Kurilian Bobtail Glasha. Its eyes and look caught my heart and I can only thank Galina for such a wonderful creature. The wild Kurilian Bobtail look reminds you a lynx, and the manners are remind you a dog. They are intelligent, tender, dedicated, smart… they are friends of their master.

And now 8 Kurilian Bobtails live in the cattery. Please, take a look.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write an e-mail to info@goldenlook.eu, I'll be happy to answer all your letters.


Please find an interview for TV3 television show "Musu Gyvunai" (from 13.25 min).



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