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Regarding the situation, we are CLOSING OUR CATTERY. So we are selling mainly all the cats and kittens. Breeding cats will be sold only to the trusted catteries.


WE HAVE KITTENS!!! For show/breed and home.


Results from international cat show in Vilnius.

Updated: "Show", "Show Byron", "Show Freddie", "Byron", "Freddie", "Kittens for sale", "G-litter".


Wonderful results from WCF World Cat show in Druskininkai.

Updated: "Show", "Show Byron", "Show Porsche", "Byron", "Porsche", "Kittens for sale", "Kittens".


We have a new litter. The first litter from our wonderful cats Zviezda and Byron. 3 boys and 1 girl. News will come soon!


Updated: "Show", "Show Ryska", "Show Asha", "Ryska", "Asha", "Kittens for sale", "Kittens".


Wonderful debut of our kittem and very promissing girl Asha Golden Look*LT


Updated: "Show", "Show Ryska", "Show Byron", "Show Asha", "Ryska", "Byron", "Asha", "Kittens for sale", "Kittens".


We have new litter - D-litter. Also wonderful debut of our junior and very promissing boy Byron Golden Look*LT.


Updated:"Show", "Show Porsche", "Show Ryska", "Show Byron", "Porsche", "Ryska", "Byron"


WE HAVE KITTENS!!! We have 2 new litters - A-litter and C-litter. A-litter kittens will soon be ready travel to their new home. 2 kittens are still available - both are show and breeding quality.


Also you may make reservations for the C-litter. There is one oustanding BIG male, black whith white paws :) Pictures coming soon.


Updated:"Porsche", "Indy", "Glasha", "A-litter kurilian", "C-litter kurilian", "Kittens", "Kittens for sale".


We have 2 new kittens in our cattery for breeding - Zviezda Golden Look*LT and Byron Golden Look*LT


Updated:"Show", "Show Porsche", "Show Ryska", "Show Metelitsa", "Show Zviezda", "Uma", "Porsche", "Ryska", "Metelitsa", "Spurga", "Zviezda", "Byron"


We are proud to anounce, that our cattery became the best Top Miau cattery and our shorthair kuriliant bobtail female Ryska Golden Look*LT became the best female adult!!!


Updated:"Show", "Show Ryska", "Show Uma", "Ryska"


We have results from "Baltic Cup 2014" show in Riga. Our cat Ryska Golden Look*LT won the Baltic Cup 2014 main award.

Updated: "Show", "Show Porsche", "Show Ryska", "Show Metelitsa", "Show Uma", "Porsche", "Ryska", "Metelitsa", "Spurga"


We have kittens!!! V-litter is born.

Updated: "Kittens", "Kittens for sale".


We have kittens!!! U-litter is born.


Updated: "Show", "Show Porsche", "Show Ryska", "Porsche".


Outstanding results from the weekend show:

Ryska Golden Look LT won 1st place out of 26 kittens in WCF ring and Best of Best Junior.

Porsche Golden Look LT won 3rd place out of 25 kittens in WCF ring.

Updated: "Show", "Show Porsche", "Show Ryska", "Show Metelitsa", "Show Spurga", "Porsche", "Ryska", "Metelitsa", "Spurga", "Kittens", "T-litter", "Kittens for sale".


We have new beautiful cat in our cattery - Metelitsa Free Hunter*RU!!! Lots of thanks to Maria Epifanova.

Updated: "Show", "Show Porsche", "Show Ryska", "Show Metelitsa", "Cats", "Kittens for sale".


Updated: "Kittens", "S-litter", "Kittens for sale".


Updated: "Kittens", "S-litter", "Kittens for sale", "Show", "Show Meshka", "Cats".


Updated: "Kittens", "P-litter", "Kittens for sale".

Updated with photos of kittens: "Porsche", "Pinkis", "Pjer", "Pepe".


Updated with photos of: "Ogis", "Oliver", "Osaka".


We have kittens!!! P-litter was born on 5th of August.

Updated: "Kittens", "P-litter", "Kittens for sale".


Results from FIFe show in Jelgava, Latvia

Updated: "Kittens", "N-litter", "O-litter", "Kittens for sale", "Show", "Show Meshka".


Results from FIFe show in Brno, Czech Republic

Updated: "Kittens", "N-litter", "O-litter", "Kittens for sale", "Show", "Show Meshka".


Results from the FIFe show in Saulkrasti, Latvia.

Updated: "Kittens", "N-litter", "Kittens for sale", "Show", "Show Lada".

Updated with photos of kittens: "Nela", "Niurka", "Niva", "Nitka", "Nero", "Nindze", "Naikas".


Our cattery was filmed in TV3 show "Musu gyvunai". You can take a look from 13.25 min.


Updated with photos of kittens: "Nela", "Niurka", "Niva", "Nitka", "Nero", "Nindze", "N-litter".


We have kittens!!! N-litter was born on 7th of March.

Results from the FIFe show in Riga.

Updated: "Kittens", "N-litter", "Kittens for sale", "Show", "Show Elvis", "Show Indy", "Show Lordas", "Show Meshka", "Elvis", "Indy", "Lordas", "Meshka".


We have outstanding result from this weekend's shows, that we participated in. We took part in "Felinolog" cat show in Minsk, Belarus (FIFe) and "Top Miau" cat show in Kaunas, Lithuania (WCF).

Our cats in total got 7*Nom BIS, 1*Best Opposite Sex, 3*Best In Show, 1*Best of BEST.

Also our DK*Amorito's Elvis Presley has closed title of Grand Inter Champion and Indy Golden Look*LT now is Champion.


Updated: "Show", "Show Elvis", "Show Indy", "Show Lordas", "Show Lada", "Show Meshka", "Elvis", "Indy", "Lordas", "Lada", "Meshka".


We are happy to announce our results of the year 2012 from the club "Top Miau":

Best cattery Top Miau 2012 - cattery Golden Look - No.5

Best breeding male - IC DK*Amorito's Elvis Presley - No.3

Best male kitten - Lordas Golden Look*LT - No.2


Updated "Kittens", "M-litter", "Kittens for sale".


Happy New Year for everybody!

We are starting New Year with a new look of our website. The photos of kittens of our previous litters we will upload as soon as possible. :)

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